Thursday, November 6, 2008

Corporate Animal Farm

Corporate Animal Farm
An Orwellian Fairy Tale
By James K. McNeley
Social Political Satire
$ 17.95 US
ISBN 978-0-6152-4503

“It's Bush-oiled supply side economics! Jim McNeley offers us a clever laugh a minute, except as the script unrolls, it ain't funny.”
Ira Winn, Professor Emeritus
Urban Studies and Education, California State University

“Corporate Animal Farm,” by author, James McNeley, follows George Orwell’s satire on the Soviet Communist State, “Animal.Farm,” providing us with an engaging, accessible story about farm animals to elucidate economic inequality in the United States.

In the forward to McNeley’s book, Stephen T. Boggs, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at the University of Hawaii, observes that Orwell “thought that a society like that depicted in ‘Animal Farm’ could arise in any kind of political system” and that Jim McNeley “imagines how Orwell’s idea might play out in the United States today.”

Ira Winn’s jacket blurb on “Corporate Animal Farm” characterizes it as “a brilliantly witty and cutting allegory of our economic delusions about 'free market economics’ .... The mania for profits at any cost, the privatization of the public weal, the domination of money and moneyed interests under the guise of freedom of enterprise ... all make for a barnyard of private gain over long term good, as the pigs take over. Yes,” Winn writes, “it is Animal Farm with pigs guarding the chicken coops as effectively as foxes. . . We have here a play on life today on the U.S. 'farm.’ A great easy read suitable for both adults and snotty wise kids.''

McNeley describes himself as a child of the great depression “but also, happily, a child of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. The fruits of government initiatives to provide meaningful work for millions of employed men and women were manifest in our own home as well as in public buildings and displays through my father’s work as a supervisor for the federally funded WPA Iowa Arts Project.”

In addition to “Corporate Animal Farm,” McNeley is the author of the book “Holy Wind in Navajo Philosophy” published by the University of Arizona Press. He and his wife, Grace, live in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest.

Corporate Animal Farm is available at; Maria’s Book Store in Durango, Colo., and directly from the author James K. McNeley at

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